Natural Stone


From Amethyst to Zuber, feast your eyes on this fine collection of limestones, travertines, marbles, sandstones, terracottas and slates. There is nothing quite like natural stone – every individual piece a marvel of nature, unique, tactile and beautiful. Limestone alone is infinitely varied before it even comes out of the ground – from almost pure white to gun-metal grey. Then, we work on it – ‘honing’ it smooth, or ‘tumbling’ it coarse and characterful – just as we do with iron-hard marble, or with our travertines which will make you think of Italian farm-houses and churches. Natural stone just gets better with age. You’ll love it as soon as you install it, and you’ll love it even more when it continues to add value to your home many years down the line.




Our collection of premium Italian porcelain tiles complements our natural stone collections. There are extra-large slabs with minimal thickness that are not possible with natural stone. Only the most trained of eyes can distinguish these products from natural stone, but they do offer a consistency of tone that, again, makes them different to natural stone.


Decorative Porcelain and ceramics


Get ready for an absolute kaleidoscope of colours and patterns. This collection is an encyclopedia of design influences, ancient and modern – taking in North Africa, the Mediterranean, the English countryside, Parisian nightlife, the skies above and fields full of flowers. Have some fun. You can really brighten up your kitchen or bathroom with these mosaics and decorative tiles, whether it’s a splash of colour within a more subtle overall environment, or an extravagantly colourful design.


Handmade Cement Tiles (Encaustic & Terrazzo tiles)


Encaustic tiles were first made in Europe in the late 19th century. They were used to decorate the floors of palaces in St. Petersburg, Gaudi’s distinctive houses in Barcelona, and grand hallways from Paris to Saigon. Today they are to be found in countless chic bars, restaurants and designer-homes in London, Paris and New York. Ca’ Pietra’s collection of hand-made decorative tiles are made using the ‘encaustic’ technique with cement where the pattern is inlaid into the body of the tile, so that the design and colour remain, even as the tile wears. These differ from ceramic tiles, where the surface pattern is the product of the finishing glaze printed on the surface.

It’s said that ‘terrazzo’ was created by builders in Venice as a low-cost flooring material to surface the outdoors areas around their living quarters. Originally it consisted of chips of scrap marble set in clay and then sealed with goat’s milk! Nowadays, of course, it is produced by industrial grinders and set with man-made resins.

Our collection is still made by hand but using natural pigments, cement and marble chips. The tiles come ready to install and require only a coat of sealer before and after grouting.

These on-trend terrazzo tiles retain their vintage, handmade charm, but the marble content makes them very durable and perfect for commercial use

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